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CEOs and Social Media

CEOs and Social Media

Not surprising, social media is no longer a fad. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites are part of everyday life for so many and a major reason why CEOs need to follow the trend. This Infographic reveals why CEOs who are not engaging social media need to catch up with the rest of us.

27 Key Takeaways From Link Building, SEO & Social Media Sessions at PubCon Vegas 2011

27 Key Takeaways From Link Building, SEO & Social Media Sessions at PubCon Vegas 2011

The following are my takeaways from several “link building” sessions I attended on day three of PubCon Las Vegas which include Links With Maximum Juice and Minimum Risk, Real World Low-Risk High-Reward Link Building, SEO 2011 – Greg Boser, Link Building 2011 – What’s Hot, and Daily Social Media Success I’m not intending to cover each session in detail but rather provide key tips and takeaways from each session.

Quick List of Infographic Directories/Archives

I recently presented, along with Jay Berkowitz and Rebecca Murtagh, in a session entitled “The Convergence of Social Media & Search” at PubCon Las Vegas 2011 and in my presentation, listed several sites that will allow user to submit their Infographics. As promised in my presentation, I have listed those sites in this post.

Are Paid Links Still an Effective Link Building Strategy?

Paid links also referred to as “rented” links have been around since Google’s rise to fame at the beginning of this millennium. Google hates them and yet the very reason they exist is Google’s own fault. And with all the measures Google has put into place to try to devalue them and even penalize sites who sell and/or buy them, the golden question is, “do they still work?”

7 Free Online Tools For Information Graphic Design

7 Free Online Tools For Information Graphic Design

Online infographic marketing has become a great way to publish content in a fashion that is easily accepted and digestible by the community. And with the availability of free online tools, one no longer has to be an artist or designer to create stunning information graphics. This post features 10 free tools that will will assist you in your information graphic design efforts.

7 Ways To Create Content Within Your Organization

Customers are demanding information and the businesses that are providing that information are winning. Developing and implementing content the right way can be a lot of work, but what many don’t know is that companies are creating content on a daily basis and just don’t realize it. Read on to discover some fun ways to create content for your business on a regular basis.

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