So You Want To Be a Search Marketer? – Part 1

I recently had the opportunity to speak on a brand new session introduced during the Search Engine Strategies San Jose conference entitled “So You Want To be a Search Marketer.” The session explored ways that budding SEMs can educate themselves as well as get started in the industry. I approached this topic from the perspective of one who learned and applied SEM techniques to one of our own sites before ever deciding to take on paying clients. I thought I put together a post on what I spoke on as well as include the actual PowerPoint slides for those who would like to view them.

Search Engine Strategies 2007 in San Jose Trip Recap

Search Engine Strategies 2007 in San Jose Trip Recap

Late Monday afternoon, Irma and myself are headed back to Phoenix after another great trip to the Bay Area for this year’s Search Engine Strategies in San Jose. We will miss the wonderful weather as we go from a cool 70 some degrees back to 100 plus. Of course we will miss being in the presence of our search marketing friends and colleagues but do welcome the comfort of home and of course re-joining our children (and pets) after being away for over a week.

Keynote Conversation With Marissa Mayer, Google – SES San Jose

I was able to sit in on the second of two keynote sessions we have here at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose. Here are some takeaways I picked up from the talk between Marissa Mayer of Google and Danny Sullivan who is co-chairing the conference. Danny Sullivan is interviewing Marissa Mayer from Google in the second of two keynotes that are being conducted at this years Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose.

Search Engine Strategies Comes To San Jose Next Week

In just a few days, Irma and I will be heading to San Jose for this years Search Engine Strategies conference. It is the last conference that Danny Sullivan will be chairing. Actually he is co-chairing with Chris Sherman. I am fortunate enough to be presenting for the first time in a session entitled “So You Want To be a Search Marketer?” which is scheduled for Wednesday, August 22nd at 1:30pm. Thanks, Chris! While I have sat in sessions as a Q&A participant twice and held a site clinic one other time, I have never done a formal presentation at an SES. I am excited and a bit nervous at the same time.

Things That Bug Me Regarding Those Who Sell Links

Don’t let the title fool you – I’m not against buying links. In fact I buy them quite often for clients. However I am frustrated time and time again when searching for good links. I find a great site in which there is an opportunity to buy a paid link but am scared off for one reason or another. Here is a rant of sorts as I list several things that bug me regarding those who sell links.

Is Google Misleading Search Marketers?

I started my Monday off with a strange phone conversation. I had put together a proposal for a potential client for both SEO and paid search management. The SEO portion of the proposal involved an initial cost which would allow us to develop and implement a strategy to optimize their site so that they could improve their visibility for organic search. Following up today with a phone meeting, my point of contact said they had just spoken to someone at Google who said that “Google” themselves would optimize their site for nothing – no initial investment, no set up costs, free. The potential client’s next question – “Why would we pay you to do something that Google will do for free?”

Let the Privacy Wars Begin!

I was asked recently if Google’s dominance in search would ever change, at least anytime soon, to which I responded that I did not believe so unless they make a major mistake. And what is the most crucial area that Google needs to pay close attention to? How they handle privacy.

More and more Internet users are worried about the amount of information Google and other search engines have on them. In fact, my father recently told me that he was through with Google because he feels they have become a type of “big brother.” He does not trust their privacy policy practices.

General Public Voices Their Concerns Over Net Neutrality

WebProNews reports that the Federal Communications Commission’s official Net Neutrality inquiry ended Monday, but not before a deluge of public comments in support have flooded in. Past experiences have demonstrated that it takes very few complaints to grab FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s attention. Examples include Janet Jackson’s exposed nipple during SuperBowl halftime show, what people are allowed to say and do on subscription media services, or the appropriateness of cracking jokes about “hamsterbating” before 10 PM.

Should SMBs Be Worried About Google’s Universal Search?

Should SMBs Be Worried About Google’s Universal Search?

In May, Google announced that they had begun to roll out “universal search” features, where their search results pages would contain more than just web pages and documents. Additional content would include videos, images, news, maps, books, and even stock quotes. In a blog post on the subject, Marisa Mayer wrote, “With universal search, we’re attempting to break down the walls that traditionally separated our various search properties and integrate the vast amounts of information available into one simple set of search results.”