The Battle Between Web Designers and SEO

I came across an interesting thread over at Search Engine Watch Forums today entitled ‘Do Designers Hate SEO?’ Forum member glengara questioned whether all-Flash sites should be used in the commercial web.

The Continual Evolution of Search Engine Marketing

While these are still essentials of SEM, marketing one’s site via the search engines is a much more involved process these days. With the increase in web pages and documents in the search indices as well as the number of webmasters marketing for top positions, SEM is much more competitive, no matter what industry you are in.

Ingredients of a Search Engine Friendly Site

All web site owners want to be number 1 for keyword phrases relevant to their business, or at least on the first page. In order to obtain these prized positions, search engines have to make the decision that your site deserves that prestigious position. How do we help the search engines come to this conclusion?

The Nightmares of a SEO 

A successfyul SEO strategy has been implemented and all seems to be going well. Then one day while performing maintenance on this campaign, you notice a rapid drop in rankings. Traffic has decreased as well. You wonder why and begin to investigate. To your horror you discover that they have completely redesigned the web site and in the process, removed all of the optimization you developed. All your work has been flushed right down the drain!

Traditional Search Engine Optimization VS. Pay Per Click

With the current rise of pay per click (PPC) advertising services, professional search engine optimization companies are having to deal more and more with the issue of why their clients should spend money on traditional SEO when they can simply buy their way to the top with PPC.

Link Popularity – Does It Really Matter?

Link Popularity is a score that can be given to a web site based on how many external and internal links are pointing or linking to any particular web page or URL.. Link Popularity is becoming a very popular subject these days. What is it? How does it affect one’s web site rankings?

Why Do I Need To Hire a SEO Company?

You may have asked yourself, “Why do I need to hire a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company? Can’t I do the same thing myself?” Let’s explore the correct answer to that question. While it is true that anyone can submit their site to a search engine, there is a lot of knowledge and technique that is required to rank well in them.