Set Up WordPress With Custom Themes, Hosting & Email in Minutes With

If you thought Wordpress was only useful for blogging, you’re wrong. It also serves as a great content management system. And while Wordpress itself is relatively easy to set up for the intermediate to expert webmaster, it can pose a degree of difficulty for the novice. Not any more. A new service called will allow even the most novice webmaster to set up a functioning Wordpress site with custom theme, hosting and email in minutes.

How Do Search and Social Media Intersect?

How Do Search and Social Media Intersect?

I recently had the privilege of presenting at PubCon in a session entitled How Do Social Media & Search Intersect? where two questions were pondered – “Does social media prevent the need for search?” and “Does social media play an important role in search?”

10 Factors That Determine the Value of Inbound Links

In a world where inbound links are often crucial in complimenting an on-page SEO effort, determining the value of those links can be equally important. This is especially true if you are making any kind of “investment” in those links whether that involve time, money or both.

Following is a simple checklist of what to look for in a valuable inbound link.

When SEO Doesn’t Make Sense

I am always flabbergasted with clients who pay good money for us to develop SEO strategy for them as well as manage their marketing campaigns and yet they do absolutely nothing with it. They ignore requests for web site modifications and enhancements, as well as other marketing suggestions.

It is in these scenarios where SEO does not make sense.

Using Twitter For Customer Service? Absolutely!

Using Twitter For Customer Service? Absolutely!

During an unfortunate power loss to the HostGator offices yesterday and unable to provide online and phone support to their customers, the web hosting company very cleverly utilized Twitter not only to keep their customers up to date as to the status of the problem but also to interact with their questions and concerns.

Twitter 101 For Business – Some Juicy Tidbits From Guide

Twitter has released “Twitter 101 for Business” which is in essence a guide for getting started with using the service. It covers the basics of Twitter, how to get started, the lingo, and includes many real case studies. The guide begins by pointing out that every day, millions of people use Twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. It then points out that people are turning to Twitter as an effective way to reach out to businesses.

Winning the Web Launches ‘The Winners Circle’

Let’s face it – information and advice on Internet marketing is easily accessible and quite frankly in abundance. In fact, I am very selective about what I choose to write about here simply due to the fact that I feel much of what I can say has already been said before.

That being said, I feel one of the very best ways to learn Internet marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC and even social media marketing, is to get in there and learn by doing. That’s often easier said than done. But what if you had a mentor… or even mentors – someone to guide you who has actually experienced success themselves?

Secure Your WordPress Blog in 7 Easy Steps

Secure Your WordPress Blog in 7 Easy Steps

I recently had the misfortune of suffering a series of Malware/Trojan virus attacks on this and some other Wordpress blogs we operate. I had been planning on taking measures to protect our Wordpress applications from potential attacks but like many other things, procrastination took first priority. The attacks are behind us now. And while the attacks ended up being completely unrelated to any Wordpress vulnerabilities, I thought it would be beneficial to list some measures that can be put in place to help prevent “attacks” on Wordpress driven blogs.

Twitter Search Is Changing & Businesses Should Take Note!

When I read this morning that Twitter plans to index content in the near future, much like a search engine does, my head began to buzz with ideas on why businesses both large and small should take note of this. In fact, it is going to become increasingly important for business owners everywhere to make sure they not only have representation on Twitter but that they are deeply involved as well.