Is Ask Giving Up Battle for Search or Staying the Course? Which is True?

Lot’s of talk related to search engine Ask lately. First there were rumors that Ask would be laying off some of its workforce and abandoning the Teoma technology they had worked so hard on the last few years. Then Ask responds and calls the rumors false. Those of us who are cheering Ask on in the battle for search market share breathed a sign of relief… but not for long. The next day a story breaks reporting that Ask has laid off 8% of their workforce (40 jobs) and that they were changing the strategy of the search engine to “focus to better answering search queries posed as questions.” This was followed by a report that Ask would become a search engine geared towards married women.

If that wasn’t enough drama, today we hear from Ask once again claiming that despite all the rumors and speculation, they remain committed to search. Are you confused? I know I am.

6 Gadgets That Are Sure To Enhance the Twitter Experience

6 Gadgets That Are Sure To Enhance the Twitter Experience

For you Twitteraholics, I’d like to point out some gadgets that may help to simplify and enhance the experience of using Twitter. They range from browser plug-ins, desktop applications and even mash-ups that turn the Twitter experience into a three dimensional geographical event.

SMX West Session Coverage – Key Takeaways

Besides speaking in a session entitled “Reputation Monitoring & Management Through Search” at this week’s SMX West conference, I also helped in the live blogging efforts for Search Engine Roundtable. I stuck to a pretty light schedule seeing that I have my lovely wife, daughter and new grandson with me on this trip. I was able to attend all three keynotes (although I didn’t cover them) and live-blogged four sessions in total.

Yahoo Making Noise at SMX – Yahoo! Buzz & Search Monkey

Yahoo is making some noise at the current SMX West conference in Santa Clara. They have officially launched Yahoo! Buzz, a Digg style social news site and at the same time are unveiling a project code-named “Search Monkey” which consists of a set of open-source tools that allow users and publishers to annotate and enhance search results associated with specific web sites.

Covering Conference Sessions at SMX West? Pass Along the Link Love

Covering Conference Sessions at SMX West? Pass Along the Link Love

I will be part of a team of people that will be live-blogging sessions for Search Engine Roundtable at the upcoming SMX West conference in Santa Clara, California. While the coverage is always fantastic, I do have one pet peeve and that is the fact that “link love” is often not given. What I am referring to is linking to moderator and speaker company sites.

If Your Site is a Blog Virgin – You’re Missing Out

Business owners reluctant to implement a blog may have their reasons but in this social media age, it is really becoming crucial for web sites to become more than stale brochures and static billboards only offering one-way communication. Users want to interact and they want to see a personal side to the company. A blog allows for that and so much more.

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

I came across an excellent post yesterday by Allen Harkleroad, a small business owner I have met over at the social news site Mixx, where he outlines some of the lessons he has learned playing and marketing on social networking sites. It is common sense for most that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about interacting on social media/networking sites. Allen compiles the lessons he has learned in a most excellent read.

Cutting Out the Fat and Raising Money for Charity in the Process

Donna Fontenot of SEO Scoop has come up with a great idea for a select group of search marketers to shed some of those unwanted pounds and raise money for their favorite charity in the process. The project is called “SEOs Fight Fat For Charity” and has 11 search marketers committed to a “biggest loser” type of contest that runs from today till the end of March. The general idea is that whoever wins the contest, all the monies donated will go to his or her favorite charity.

Donna asked me if I’d like to be on board to which I originally replied, “Who you calling fat?” But in all seriousness, I do need to shed some pounds, especially seeing that SMX West is fast approaching, so I have jumped on board to compete with the others.

What You Will Find In Our SEO Toolbox

I came across a post at Search Engine Roundtable where a member at at High Rankings Forum inquired as to what the best tools are in performing SEO. Therefore I thought I’d list some of the tools we use here at SearchRank. While I firmly believe that you cannot automate the SEO process, there are some great tools available that make the job a lot easier. So with no further ado, here is a list of the tools you will find in our tool box.