Why I Don’t Use GMail (and Other 3rd Party Email Services)

This is one of the reasons why I don’t use GMAIL – Google Accidentally Bans Hundreds of Users from Gmail. Barry Schwartz reports on a Google Groups thread where many users have complained that their Gmail accounts were all of a sudden disabled. The problem began late on December 5th. The following day, Gmail Guide replied saying that this was an error on Google’s side and they are fixing it.

Video Interview With David Wallace

I had the chance to sit down with Li Evans of Key Relevance and founder of Search Marketing Gurus after my session on Thursday entitled “So Your Want to be a Search Marketer.” She did a quick video interview with me asking me to summarize what I talked about on the panel and also asked me what I would consider my top three tips for new marketers who are just entering the filed of search marketing. Finally she asked me what one of the biggest lessons I learned when starting out myself.

Uncover The Net No Longer Useful For Directory Submissions

We are taking Uncover the Net off of our list of directories that we will recommend for clients and anyone else to submit their sites to. Why? They are now adding the nofollow attribute to listings. That means no link love, no help getting a new site indexed, bottom line – no trust. I have not seen this practice in place with them in recent history. They most likely have fallen under the spell of Google’s FUD campaign against those selling paid links.

Trading In My White Hat For a Black One

Trading In My White Hat For a Black One

While I did not expect much in the way of news here in the U.S. due to the Thanksgiving holiday, it appears that Google took the opportunity to update their web master guidelines regarding paid links. The changes essentially reveal that buying or selling links that pass PageRank can penalize a site not only in its Google Toolbar PageRank status, but also in Google search results. What does this mean for those that consider themselves “white hat SEOs?” Better go shopping for a new hat – a nice black one.

The Thanksgivings of a Search Marketer (2007 Version)

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I wrote my first “The Thanksgivings of a Search Marketer” post but no doubt – here we are. Therefore in traditional fashion, seeing that those of us in the United States will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this coming Thursday, I thought I’d once again reflect on what I am thankful for as a search marketer. Of course first and foremost I am thankful for my wonderful wife, Irma, my family, my faith and the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me this year. However, seeing that this is a search marketing blog, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of things I am thankful for related to that world.

Track Copyright Infringement With Attributor – Like CopySentry on Steroids!

I have written before that we use CopySentry to find and monitor occurrences of copy theft and infringement regarding content on our site. Today, I discovered a story on TechCrunch about a company called Attributor which offers a service very similar to CopySentry but with many added features. Attributor, which is a startup in Redwood City, California, says it can monitor the Web for copied content no matter where it may be, help publishers and media companies track it all, and provide them more options about how to handle it. I am already intrigued.

Sites Selling Text Links Get Google-Slapped, Should They Worry?

It is all over the blogosphere – sites known for selling text link ads or Google PageRank have been slapped with a PageRank reduction for their own sites by the almighty Google itself. Is this a worldwide PR update with a possible algorithm change or is it more along the line of a hand job? Seeing that a couple of sites we launched several months ago are still at a “0” PageRank, even though they have a good amount of links pointing to them, I’d have to say the latter. The question that remains to be answered is, “should publishers and those buying links be worried?”

Using Social Media To Help Manage Online Reputation

Using Social Media To Help Manage Online Reputation

In today’s socially connected online world, reputation management is becoming more and more a concern for any business. Sure, most companies are able to secure the number one spot in the organic search results for their brand via their company web site. However, what about the remaining first page real estate and even that of the second and third pages? What is an effective means for companies, especially small to medium sized business to control that real estate without necessarily deploying multiple company web sites? The answer – social media.