Google Juice? What Have They Got Into Now?

Is Google now getting into the beverage business? Not really. However in a new article at the Washington Post, Leslie Walker coins the phrase “Google Juice” which she associates with how high a Web site ranks in Google’s search results.

“Google juice, for the uninitiated, refers to how high a Web site ranks in Google’s search results — the higher the ranking, the more juice. Google juice is all about links.

Fundamentals of Optimizing a Web Page

This is a “back to the basics” type of entry as I wanted to deal with the fundamental elements that are involved in optimizing individual web pages, giving them a better chance to position well in the organic search results of engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. While each page of one’s site should be a candidate in targeting various phrases relevant to your business model, the fundamental elements of those pages that can be optimized always remain the same.

Danny Sullivan Reaches Ten Year Milestone

There are few names that are as synonymous with search as Danny Sullivan’s. Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary since Danny started writing about search engines. In a recent entry at Search Engine Watch Blog, he provides a brief history of how he came about this career choice and also chronicles some of the more prominent events that have transpired over the last ten years. Reaches Out To Parents’ Concerns

Social networking site has been getting a lot of parents, teachers and even religious leaders concerned over the amount of information young people are putting out there on themselves. There is the added concern over what kids are actually doing on MySpace as well as who they are doing it with.

Google’s Latest Acquisition? A Text Search Algorithm Called Orion

Google’s has hired Israeli-born Ori Allon and along with it, acquired a text-search algorithm Ori developed called Orion. This search engine tool which is being developed in Sydney, Australia, will supposedly revolutionize the way people retrieve information from the net, making searches much less time-consuming by working with existing search engines and expanding on their function.

Netflix Takes a Swing at Blockbuster Online

Netflix has filed a patent infringement lawsuit over Blockbuster’s Online service. The Netflix filing calls for an injunction to shut down its rival’s online rental service and punitive damages for the infringement. The patent mentioned in the suit covers the method in which customers choose DVD’s to rent, the number of DVD’s allowed at a time, and the amount of time given for their return – basically Netflix whole business model. Another David vs. Goliath battle in which this blogger is cheering for the underdog.

AdSense is Changing the Developing World

USA Today recently ran a story “Google’s Hidden Payroll” in which they report on how AdSense is making a big difference in people’s lives in developing countries such as India, the Philippines and Egypt. Individuals with web sites are running AdSense ads and in turn are earning what we may consider in the United States a nominal income but to them is quite substantial.

Edina Realty vs. – The Latest Keyword Copyright Infringement Battle

Whenever I run across another copyright infringement case based on PPC keyword buys at search engines, it always catches my attention as I am one that has also battled over competitors using our trademarks. ClickZ reports on one of the latest legal battles where Edina Realty, a subsidiary of HomeServices of America, has filed suit against in U.S. District Court of Minnesota.

Forum Spammers – A New Breed of the “Clueless”

What in the world is wrong with forum spammers anyway? If you are a frequent visitor to any forum you have surely seen them. They join an existing forum simply to promote themselves, drop a link or two, post an article or fill a post with a bunch of gibberish. The irony of the whole thing is that their posts never stay up long. Hardly anyone sees them and even if they do, I cannot imagine they are well received.

Do SEMs Have Special Partnerships With Search Engines?

Do certain search marketing firms have special partnerships with search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN? You would think some do in the way they have pages on their sites announcing “special” search partnerships. Sure SEMs can have account reps in regards to PPC of PFI services that the search engines offer. They can even know powerful contacts such as Matt Cutts or Tim Mayer, both of whom are prominent reps of Google and Yahoo. But are there any SEM firms that have formed partnerships with the engines that would give them some kind of advantage or special status? Or are web pages that announce special partnerships between SEMs and engines simply a sales technique?