Petitions Government In Fight Against Verisign

From The Business Journal of Phoenix, local domain registrar is fighting against a ruling that it believes creates a monopolistic environment in the Internet domain name registration industry. They are petitioning the U.S. Department of Commerce to deny final approval of the recent controversial .com registry agreement with VeriSign.

Finding Web Classifieds Is Now Easier With Vast

Looking to capitalize on the need for more specialized search services, Vast launches today. Vast is a search engine and Web crawler designed to more easily find classified ads. The initial focus has been on three areas – autos, personals and jobs, but more topics like housing, motorcycles and pets will be added as the year goes on.

Confirmed: Google Comes To Tempe

The Business Journal reports today that Google has confirmed that they will lease temporary office space at Arizona State University. “The Mountain View, Calif.-based company is expanding in the Valley with an engineering, operations and IT support functions office as part of a worldwide effort to build engineering centers in locations where there are great engineers,” according to Google.

Content Thieves Beware – We’re Mad As Hell & Not Taking It Anymore!

An excellent thread (rant) has been started by Karon Thackston over at High Rankings Forum dealing with the issue of content thievery. There is an ever-increasing amount of “services” popping up all over the place that will take 300 or so characters from a web page and then create what they call “original content.” Even though what they are really doing is stealing content they justify their actions by stating that they are only using a portion of the content. Yeah right! That is like someone who steals one apple out of a whole bag is not really stealing.

Microsoft Launches Windows Live Search

Microsoft launched a new search service today called Windows Live Search. Chris Sherman does a pretty good write up on it at SearchDay. According to Adam Sohn, Microsoft’s Director of Global Sales & Marketing PR, both the new Windows Live Search and the existing MSN Search will be powered by the same underlying technology. Chris adds that Windows Live site will focus primarily on productivity, the MSN brand will continue to evolve as a media and content destination.

Beginner’s Guide to Online Reputation Management

Andy Beal of Fortune Interactive has written a great piece on reputation management over at Marketing Pilgrim that is definitely worth a read if you are at all concerned about your brand. Let’s face it, if you are out there at all, people are talking about you. The question is are they speaking well of you, creating buzz for your products and/or services or are they criticizing you? Andy points out the obvious, that it can take months, even years to build a good brand. It can also take a lot of money. It is something that should be held dear and precious. At the very same time your brand can be easily tarnished by someone who is upset with you.

Another Internet Censorship Issue – Craigslist

Seems like Internet censorship has been getting a lot of press lately, the Google/China issue attracting most of the media attention. Now the spotlight is on Craigslist, one of the largest classified ads sites on the Internet. The latest debate is over whether Craigslist should be more proactive in censoring those who post on it. The all began when some apartment listings appeared to be racially slanted. This and other events lead us to once again visit the questions, “Should the Internet be censored?”

Forum Anonymity May Become a Thing of the Past

From Threadwatch, the New Jersey state legislature is considering a bill that would disallow anonymous speech on forums. While this only relates to New Jersey law, the proposed bill is pretty bold in its attempts and could set a precedent for other states or even national law if passed.

Google Setting Up Shop In Tempe, For Now Anyway

The Business Journal of Phoenix reports today that Google is planning to move into large, temporary office space in Tempe and is expected to end up permanently in either Tempe or South Scottsdale at a newly constructed facility near Arizona State University. News that Google was coming to Arizona originally broke last October.