Another Internet Censorship Issue – Craigslist

Seems like Internet censorship has been getting a lot of press lately, the Google/China issue attracting most of the media attention. Now the spotlight is on Craigslist, one of the largest classified ads sites on the Internet.

Forum Anonymity May Become a Thing of the Past

From Threadwatch, the New Jersey state legislature is considering a bill that would disallow anonymous speech on forums. While this only relates to New Jersey law, the proposed bill is pretty bold in its attempts and could set a precedent for other states or even national law if passed.

Google Setting Up Shop In Tempe, For Now Anyway

The Business Journal of Phoenix reports today that Google is planning to move into large, temporary office space in Tempe and is expected to end up permanently in either Tempe or South Scottsdale at a newly constructed facility near Arizona State University. News that Google was coming to Arizona originally broke last October.

New Site Helps Keep Track of Sexual Offenders

A new site has been launched by the National Coalition of Victims in Action called “Family Watchdog.” The site uses a local map search function powered by Google which then displays sex offenders in specific geographical areas. One can search by address, city, state and zip code.

What Is the Deal With Duplicate Content Anyway?

“Can duplicate content hurt me?” This is a question that comes up in forums on almost a weekly basis. So what are some scenarios where duplicate can exist and what can web site owners do to make sure duplicate content doesn’t come back to haunt them?

First of all some practical tips from panelists on a recent session dealing with duplicate content issues at Search Engine Strategies New York.

Google In Court Again Over Trademark Disputes

It all started when Geico sued Google on the issue of allowing keywords that Geico claimed were protected by trademark to trigger sponsored ads by the competition. Now in the latest of suits involving this ongoing issue, Check ‘n Go has sued Google in federal court in Ohio, stating that the search engine permits other payday lenders to purchase ads that appear when the trademarked phrase “check n go” is typed in.

What’s In Your (Link) Wallet?

You have no doubt seen the commercials from credit card company Capital One where they use the phrase, “What’s in your wallet?” A recent post of almost the same title by Debra Mastaler has her talking about paid links, link bait, tagging and article writing.
She first visits the fact that the link buying zeal of last year has kind of of died out.

Is SEO Dead?

I was visiting Small Business Ideas Forum today as part of my daily routine and came across the following article written by Stoney deGeyter – SEO is Dead. My first thought was, ‘Is he serious?’ Now Stoney is an SEO himself and fellow moderator with me on this forum so I had to take a look at the article.