Should Twitter Be Used For Serious Stuff?

Stan Schroeder wrote a piece on Mashable questioning whether the popular micro-blogging service, Twitter should be used for anything important. He writes, “Here’s a simple rule: if it’s important, don’t say it on Twitter. If it requires a response, don’t say it on Twitter. If you actually care whether anyone will see what you’ve just written, don’t say it on Twitter. Twitter, however fun it may be, simply isn’t designed for it.” Sorry, I don’t agree.

If Your Site is a Blog Virgin – You’re Missing Out

Business owners reluctant to implement a blog may have their reasons but in this social media age, it is really becoming crucial for web sites to become more than stale brochures and static billboards only offering one-way communication. Users want to interact and they want to see a personal side to the company. A blog allows for that and so much more.

Awesome Plug-In To Fight Comment Spam on Movable Type Blogs

I wish Movable Type had something better than Akismet which does a pretty good job filtering spam but still very quickly populates Movable Type’s junk folder. While this keeps junk comments from ever appearing on your blog, it still takes time to sift through them in order to locate any good comments which end up in there (which has happened). I have heard they have CAPTCHA support in version 4.0, however we are still running 3.2 and have not gotten around to upgrading yet. My thinking is that someone somewhere must have developed a plug-in that would allow me to install CAPTCHA or a comment challenge of some sort in the version I have right now. I can’t imagine everyone who uses Movable Type spending their valuable time sifting through junk comments to make sure that good comments are not accidentally deleted.

So late last night, with a little searching, I found an awesome plug-in developed by Jay Allen simply called Comment Challenge plugin.

10 Signs That You May Be a Blog Addict

10 Signs That You May Be a Blog Addict

Blogs exist on just about every variety of subject one can imagine. And more and more blogs come online each and every day. But what does it take to really have an active blog that people will subscribe to and come back again and again to read? It requires creativity. It requires dedication. Even more so, it requires an addiction to the act of blogging itself.

How about you? Are you a blog addict? Here are ten signs that may indicate that you have an addiction, my friend.

21 Ways To Successfully Launch a Blog

I came across an article posted at Aviva Directory thanks to Andy Hagans which offers 21 tips on how to launch a blog – successfully. With thousands of blogs launching each and every day, this list provides some basic steps one can take in the first couple weeks of a blog launch. Tips are provided under six main categories – The First Impression, RSS & Subscriptions, Social Bookmarking (aka Going Viral), Getting networked, Link Building and Finishing touches. Following are a few that stand out in my mind.

Blogs & RSS Becoming Increasingly Popular with B2B Users

A new study released by KnowledgeStorm finds that blogs and RSS feeds are gaining momentum with business to business users. The survey was completed by more than 4,500 business and IT professionals around the world, representing a wide variety of job titles, vertical industries and company sizes. It aimed to explore how new forms of media such as podcasts and blogs are affecting content consumption and purchasing influence in the BTB marketplace. What was discovered?

Want To Drive Traffic To Your Blog? Listen to Uncle Rand!

Rand has done it again with his recent post “21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic”, a list of some of the most common pieces of advice on driving traffic to blogs. Honestly, Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz is one of the best I know in the business of attracting link bait. I’m going to start calling him The Link Bait King. Here he not only provides sound advice on increasing blog traffic, but has created another reason to link to his own site.

AdSense is Changing the Developing World

USA Today recently ran a story “Google’s Hidden Payroll” in which they report on how AdSense is making a big difference in people’s lives in developing countries such as India, the Philippines and Egypt. Individuals with web sites are running AdSense ads and in turn are earning what we may consider in the United States a nominal income but to them is quite substantial. AdSense is changing the economic status of many people’s lives in countries where making a decent living is not always possible.

Boost AdSense Commissions With These Ten Tricks

Kalena Jordan has a new article at Search Engine College entitled “Top 10 AdSense Tricks To Boost Your Commission.” These types of articles always catch my eye because I just love AdSense. AdSense has allowed us and many other publishers to turn unprofitable sites into very profitable sites.