Why Google May be Crawling Fewer Pages

Many webmasters have noticed that since the full implementation of the Big Daddy software update to the Google algorithm, that fewer and fewer of their pages have been finding their way into the index. What could be causing this? Is Google finally cleaning up the quality factor of their index, riding it of pages and even sites that don’t meet new quality standards? Aaron Wall of SEOBook has written a lengthy and excellent article on the subject entitled, “The Google Crawling Sandbox.”

No More Froogle? Well Not Exactly

In an email sent to Froogle account holders, Google has made the announcement that Google Base, a new project thought to allow Google to compete with Craigslist and eBay, has swallowed up Froogle and that Froogle feeds will now have to be submitted through Google Base. Existing account and product information has already been transferred and is now viewable in Google Base. Along with Froogle, content should also be viewable on http://base.google.com.

Google’s Latest Acquisition? A Text Search Algorithm Called Orion

Google’s has hired Israeli-born Ori Allon and along with it, acquired a text-search algorithm Ori developed called Orion. This search engine tool which is being developed in Sydney, Australia, will supposedly revolutionize the way people retrieve information from the net, making searches much less time-consuming by working with existing search engines and expanding on their function.

Confirmed: Google Comes To Tempe

The Business Journal reports today that Google has confirmed that they will lease temporary office space at Arizona State University. “The Mountain View, Calif.-based company is expanding in the Valley with an engineering, operations and IT support functions office as part of a worldwide effort to build engineering centers in locations where there are great engineers,” according to Google.

Google Setting Up Shop In Tempe, For Now Anyway

The Business Journal of Phoenix reports today that Google is planning to move into large, temporary office space in Tempe and is expected to end up permanently in either Tempe or South Scottsdale at a newly constructed facility near Arizona State University. News that Google was coming to Arizona originally broke last October.

What Does Google Know About Your Domain Name?

Nick Wilsdon, also known as NickW on many forums, shares with us what information Google might have access to as a domain name registrar in an article entitled, What does Google know about your domain names? When Google became a domain registrar back in February 2005, people began to wonder what they were up to. Were they going to sell and maintain domain names such as GoDaddy, DirectNIC and others do, or was there another motive up their sleeve? Possibly their interest lies in the additional information they have access to as a registrar?