Netflix Takes a Swing at Blockbuster Online

Netflix has filed a patent infringement lawsuit over Blockbuster’s Online service. The Netflix filing calls for an injunction to shut down its rival’s online rental service and punitive damages for the infringement. The patent mentioned in the suit covers the method in which customers choose DVD’s to rent, the number of DVD’s allowed at a time, and the amount of time given for their return – basically Netflix whole business model. Another David vs. Goliath battle in which this blogger is cheering for the underdog.

Edina Realty vs. – The Latest Keyword Copyright Infringement Battle

ClickZ reports on one of the latest legal battles where Edina Realty, a subsidiary of HomeServices of America, has filed suit against in U.S. District Court of Minnesota. Edina Realty claims that bought paid search keywords on Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing, including “Edina Realty” and “,” and ran ads with “Edina Realty” in the title or description. Last week, Judge John Tunheim ruled that there was sufficient reason to send the case on to trial.

Google Will Be Ordered To Give Up Data to DOJ

From the Associated Press, “A federal judge said Tuesday he intends to require Google Inc. to turn over some information to the Department of Justice in its quest to revive a law making it harder for children to see online pornography.” This ruling after Google initially resisted a subpoena to turn over any information because of user privacy and trade secret concerns. Petitions Government In Fight Against Verisign

From The Business Journal of Phoenix, local domain registrar is fighting against a ruling that it believes creates a monopolistic environment in the Internet domain name registration industry. They are petitioning the U.S. Department of Commerce to deny final approval of the recent controversial .com registry agreement with VeriSign.

Content Thieves Beware – We’re Mad As Hell & Not Taking It Anymore!

An excellent thread (rant) has been started by Karon Thackston over at High Rankings Forum dealing with the issue of content thievery. There is an ever-increasing amount of “services” popping up all over the place that will take 300 or so characters from a web page and then create what they call “original content.” Even though what they are really doing is stealing content they justify their actions by stating that they are only using a portion of the content. Yeah right! That is like someone who steals one apple out of a whole bag is not really stealing.

Another Internet Censorship Issue – Craigslist

Seems like Internet censorship has been getting a lot of press lately, the Google/China issue attracting most of the media attention. Now the spotlight is on Craigslist, one of the largest classified ads sites on the Internet. The latest debate is over whether Craigslist should be more proactive in censoring those who post on it. The all began when some apartment listings appeared to be racially slanted. This and other events lead us to once again visit the questions, “Should the Internet be censored?”

Forum Anonymity May Become a Thing of the Past

From Threadwatch, the New Jersey state legislature is considering a bill that would disallow anonymous speech on forums. While this only relates to New Jersey law, the proposed bill is pretty bold in its attempts and could set a precedent for other states or even national law if passed.

Google In Court Again Over Trademark Disputes

It all started when Geico sued Google on the issue of allowing keywords that Geico claimed were protected by trademark to trigger sponsored ads by the competition. Now in the latest of suits involving this ongoing issue, Check ‘n Go has sued Google in federal court in Ohio, stating that the search engine permits other payday lenders to purchase ads that appear when the trademarked phrase “check n go” is typed in. In their suit, they have asked a federal court to halt the practice.