Let the Privacy Wars Begin!

I was asked recently if Google’s dominance in search would ever change, at least anytime soon, to which I responded that I did not believe so unless they make a major mistake. And what is the most crucial area that Google needs to pay close attention to? How they handle privacy.

More and more Internet users are worried about the amount of information Google and other search engines have on them. In fact, my father recently told me that he was through with Google because he feels they have become a type of “big brother.” He does not trust their privacy policy practices.

What is Microsoft Cooking Up in Keyword Research Tools?

What is Microsoft Cooking Up in Keyword Research Tools?

I came across a few nifty keyword research tools that Microsoft is experimenting with in adCenter Labs. What is adCenter Labs anyway? It appears to be a place where Microsoft beta tests tools that they might eventually make available for general use. In their About Us page, Microsoft describes adCenter Labs as a place that includes over 100 researchers, analysts and developers, all of which cultivate exciting technologies in the areas of paid search, behavior targeting, contextual advertising, social network analysis, and image/video mining.

Microsoft To Build a New Search Engine – Yawn

TechCrunch is reporting that Microsoft has gathered a team of twenty or more “rock star” developers who’ve been tasked at building their next generation search engine. Few other details are provided with the exception that the engine would be “horizontal” and will be very cool. My reaction – yawn.

Microsoft Banning Sites for Participating in Link Exchanges

A Search Engine Watch thread reveals that Microsoft is banning sites for participating in spammy link exchanges at MSN and Live.com. This type of reciprocal linking is usually conducted with the attempt to artificially inflate the link popularity of a site and as such, assist in improving its rankings in the organic search results. While this is not the first time a search engine has taken action against link exchange schemes, it is the first that I have seen where the engine clearly explains why the site was banned.

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Apparently Google, Microsoft and Yahoo Can!

Announced at PubCon in Las Vegas, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed to come together and accept a standard protocol for submitting web pages to their crawlers via site maps. Google was the first to develop a site maps program where one could submit a feed to the Google index and not only ensure their pages are crawled but identify any potential problems. Now MSN and Yahoo follow suit. A new site (Sitemaps.org) has been launched that will contain more information on the subject.

Microsoft’s Live Search is Now Live

Kind of a funny headline, “Live Search Now Live” but in reality, Microsoft’s new search platform dubbed Live Search has been in beta for quite a while now but as announced today is now live for all the world to see and use. Microsoft has been testing, accepting user feedback, iterating and testing more since March but now has release their new search platform both at Live.com and MSN.

Would Microsoft and Yahoo Combine To Combat Google?

Could Microsoft and Yahoo combine forces to fight Google’s dominance in the search arena? The Wall Street Journal seems to think so. In a story entitled “A Microsoft, Yahoo Tie-Up?”, the WSJ looks at the possibility of the two giants joining forces to take out Google as the dominant force in search.

Microsoft Launches Windows Live Search

Microsoft launched a new search service today called Windows Live Search. Chris Sherman does a pretty good write up on it at SearchDay. According to Adam Sohn, Microsoft’s Director of Global Sales & Marketing PR, both the new Windows Live Search and the existing MSN Search will be powered by the same underlying technology. Chris adds that Windows Live site will focus primarily on productivity, the MSN brand will continue to evolve as a media and content destination.