Let the Privacy Wars Begin!

I was asked recently if Google’s dominance in search would ever change, at least anytime soon, to which I responded that I did not believe so unless they make a major mistake. And what is the most crucial area that Google needs to pay close attention to? How they handle privacy.

More and more Internet users are worried about the amount of information Google and other search engines have on them. In fact, my father recently told me that he was through with Google because he feels they have become a type of “big brother.” He does not trust their privacy policy practices.

Experian Acquires Hitwise for $240 Million

Another big acquisition has taken place. Experian, a global information solutions company has agreed to acquire Hitwise, a leading Internet marketing intelligence company for $ 240 million in cash. This not even a week after Google agrees to acquire DoubleClick for an astounding $ 3.1 billion and rumors yesterday that eBay is looking to acquire StumbleUpon.

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Apparently Google, Microsoft and Yahoo Can!

Announced at PubCon in Las Vegas, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed to come together and accept a standard protocol for submitting web pages to their crawlers via site maps. Google was the first to develop a site maps program where one could submit a feed to the Google index and not only ensure their pages are crawled but identify any potential problems. Now MSN and Yahoo follow suit. A new site (Sitemaps.org) has been launched that will contain more information on the subject.