Stumpedia – Search For the People By The People

Stumpedia – Search For the People By The People

If you haven’t heard of human powered search engine, Stumpedia, you might want to give it a whirl. It is essentially a human-powered search engine with a social aspect to it. In other words, Stumpedia allows content producers to submit and profit from their work and then allows the search community to determine relevancy of search results. While it is similar to human powered search engines Mahalo and Wikia Search, it differentiates itself because it is powered by the very people that use it. Secures $6 Million in Private Funding

Remember They created a lot of buzz in September of last year when they officially announced their human-powered search engine. I had blogged about it and after doing so, received a flood of inquiries from people who wanted to work for us, thinking we were ChaCha itself. Not only did I find this amusing, I had also voiced my opinion that their concept may have been useful before we had search engines that can retrieve results in nano seconds. But why now?

Matt McGee Interviews Jon Glick of

Friend and fellow moderator at Small Business Ideas Forum, Matt McGee, has put together a three part interview with Jon Glick, Senior Director of product search and comparison shopping for the shopping search engine Prior to joining in 2005, Jon spent several years with Yahoo! as a key member of their search team, and was integral to Yahoo’s launch of its own search engine in 2004. Matt accidentally ran into Jon at the 2006 Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, out of which was born this three part interview.

Get Paid To Answer Questions Online at

A new social search site called will pay people to answer questions online. CNet reports that will pay what they call “guides” up to $10 per hour as they search for Web sites that contain answers to user questions. Additionally guides can invite other guides to the site and earn 10 percent of what the invited guides earn.

Finding Web Classifieds Is Now Easier With Vast

Looking to capitalize on the need for more specialized search services, Vast launches today. Vast is a search engine and Web crawler designed to more easily find classified ads. The initial focus has been on three areas – autos, personals and jobs, but more topics like housing, motorcycles and pets will be added as the year goes on.

New Site Helps Keep Track of Sexual Offenders

A new site has been launched by the National Coalition of Victims in Action called “Family Watchdog.” The site uses a local map search function powered by Google which then displays sex offenders in specific geographical areas. One can search by address, city, state and zip code.