Personalize Your Link Request Spam Already!

I get request for links from link builders all the time, what I refer to as “link request spam.” The content of the email is typically the same because they are using some kind of form letter. Simply fill in the blanks to somewhat personalize it even though most often the sites requesting links have absolutely nothing to do with my site (except that they are both on the Internet). It is a lazy way to build link popularity as opposed to building quality content that will attract links naturally or actually taking the effort to seek out quality links whether they are requested, purchased or both.

Data Thieving Scam With eCards

We have all received them, right? eCards for birthdays, anniversaries or simply as thank you notes. American Greetings, Yahoo and Blue Mountain are some of the big names but there are a large variety of sites that allow one to send personalized greeting cards via email. Typically the recipient clicks on a link in their email and they are taken to the web site where the eCard resides. They are able to view the eCard and then send one in reply if they like.

Email Spammer Gets Off Easy With a Slap On The Wrist

Another email spammer gets slapped on the wrist! Ryan Pitylak, an individual who is know as the world’s fourth most-prolific spammer, has settled a lawsuit with Microsoft and the state of Texas which accused him of sending up to 25 million e-mails per day. The settlement cost Ryan Pitylak 1 million dollars, as well as the seizure of many of the assets he accumulated during a short-lived career as one of the world’s worst spammers. No jail time? No lifelong banning of access to the Internet?

Forum Spammers – A New Breed of the “Clueless”

What in the world is wrong with forum spammers anyway? If you are a frequent visitor to any forum you have surely seen them. They join an existing forum simply to promote themselves, drop a link or two, post an article or fill a post with a bunch of gibberish. The irony of the whole thing is that their posts never stay up long. Hardly anyone sees them and even if they do, I cannot imagine they are well received.

Spamming Techniques That You Will Want To Avoid! 

There are many ways to attract traffic from search engines. Some methods go too far and are known as “search engine spamming,” “spamdexing” and “spammage.” Red on to find some common spamming techniques that search engines frown on.