Yahoo Making Noise at SMX – Yahoo! Buzz & Search Monkey

Yahoo is making some noise at the current SMX West conference in Santa Clara. They have officially launched Yahoo! Buzz, a Digg style social news site and at the same time are unveiling a project code-named “Search Monkey” which consists of a set of open-source tools that allow users and publishers to annotate and enhance search results associated with specific web sites.

Let the Privacy Wars Begin!

I was asked recently if Google’s dominance in search would ever change, at least anytime soon, to which I responded that I did not believe so unless they make a major mistake. And what is the most crucial area that Google needs to pay close attention to? How they handle privacy.

More and more Internet users are worried about the amount of information Google and other search engines have on them. In fact, my father recently told me that he was through with Google because he feels they have become a type of “big brother.” He does not trust their privacy policy practices.

The Yahoo! Acquisition Report Card

After putting together a clever post grading Google’s acquisition progress over the years, Joe Sinkwitz from the Pay Loan Affiliate Blog has put together another report card grading acquisition behavior. This time it is for Yahoo! The Yahoo! Acquisition Report Card reaches back to their first acquisition of Net Controls in September 1997 to its most current acquisition of Right Media in April 2007.

Ask CEO Jim Lanzone Comments on Yahoo!’s Hypocrisy

I don’t know how I missed this. Possibly because the day it was posted was my birthday and I was out of the office most of the day. What I am referring to is a post on the Stepforth blog by Ross Dunn announcing Yahoo!’s revamping of their paid inclusion program. Even had I come upon the news, I probably would have merely yawned because really, who cares about their paid inclusion program anyway? Instead of revamping it, they should killing it.

Yahoo! Search Support for ‘NOYDIR’ Meta Tag Finally Here!

We’ve been asking for some time. It was even promised as a possible future development. Well now it is finally arrived – support for a “NOYDIR” meta tag. Web site owners have long been frustrated over the lack of control they have had in they way their home page appears in the Yahoo! search results if they are also listed in the Yahoo! Directory. This due to the fact that Yahoo! would use the title and description from the directory listing as opposed to the site’s title tag and meta description tag and/or snippet of content from the actual web page.

Yahoo! Phases in New Ranking Model Today

As promised last week, Yahoo! is rolling out their new ranking model today for its paid search advertisers. Gone is the highest price gets the highest position model and what is replacing it is a system that operates in much the same way as Google AdWords does.

How Yahoo! Missed the Boat

Fred Vogelstein from Wired News has put together a lengthy article on how Yahoo! has blown it over the years in trying to position itself as the leader in search. The article looks at the many mistakes Yahoo!’s CEO, Terry Semel, has made along the way which to this day still has them playing catch up to their biggest rival, Google. It all began with their failure to buy the search giant back in 2002 and the cycle has continued up to today.

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Apparently Google, Microsoft and Yahoo Can!

Announced at PubCon in Las Vegas, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed to come together and accept a standard protocol for submitting web pages to their crawlers via site maps. Google was the first to develop a site maps program where one could submit a feed to the Google index and not only ensure their pages are crawled but identify any potential problems. Now MSN and Yahoo follow suit. A new site ( has been launched that will contain more information on the subject.

Yahoo! Search Marketing Launches Official Blog

Yahoo adds another blog to their mix – the Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog. Why now? Yahoo! Search Marketing has been around since they originally acquired Overture, right? The reason they are just now launching a blog is to coincide with the launch of their new platform. Subscribe to the feed and you will be able to keep abreast with the latest news and developments surrounding their search marketing platform.

Yahoo! Will Now Support the NOODP (No Open Directory) Tag

What is the NOODP tag anyway? It is a meta tag that allows a web site owner to opt out from having the search engines display the Open Directory information in the organic SERPs. The tag was first adopted by MSN and then by Google earlier this year. Many of us have been waiting for Yahoo to follow suit because many times the Open Directory information will be displayed for a site as opposed to the site’s title tag and either a snippet of text from site or meta description tag for the actual description.