Another big acquisition has taken place. Experian, a global information solutions company has agreed to acquire Hitwise, a leading Internet marketing intelligence company for $ 240 million in cash. This not even a week after Google agrees to acquire DoubleClick for an astounding $ 3.1 billion and rumors yesterday that eBay is looking to acquire StumbleUpon.

Why would Experian who we know so well for supplying credit data for businesses and individuals want to buy a company that offers search intelligence for online advertising, search marketing and online marketing? Andy Beal explains it like this.

“Experian is hoping to provide more internet intelligence to its client base, and the acquisition of Hitwise will help it do that, and more. While you may know Hitwise from all of their great analysis of web trends and site traffic, the company does a lot more than simply issue fancy charts. Collecting and aggregating information from 25+ million web users around the world, Hitwise watches more than a million sites and has more than 1200 clients including, Google, eBay, AXA and CBS News.”

Don Robert, Chief Executive Officer of Experian, also had the following to say:

“We have been successfully repositioning our Marketing Solutions business to meet our clients’ needs as they continue to switch more of their advertising spend online. Hitwise, which is a rapidly growing, successful business, brings new, unique data to Experian and complements the existing data, tools and expertise that we already offer to clients in other areas such as research services and email distribution.”

Finally a comment from Andrew Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of Hitwise:

“Over the last 10 years, Hitwise has developed a truly unique digital intelligence service that helps inform the online marketing strategies of 1,200 clients around the world every day. We are excited to become part of Experian, having worked with them for over four years. We will now be able to accelerate Hitwise’s growth and profitability through access to Experian’s wider pool of data, tools and clients, while more quickly expanding our global footprint.”

David Wallace

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