From The Business Journal, the town of Gilbert, Arizona is preparing to deploy citywide wireless Internet service, which will expand on the Tempe network, completed in February, and the Chandler network scheduled to be fully deployed by the end of September.

According to MobilePro. Corp., the Bathesda, Md., company selected by the Gilbert to install and operate the network, the three networks, will form the largest contiguous border-to-border network in the United States, encompassing 187 square miles. And you all thought Arizona was comprised of cowboys and elderly people!

The network will include a range of free and fee based services, providing access to high speed data voice and video. Several ISPs will be allowed access to the network so they in turn can provide the service to their customers.

“We are very excited to be able to offer our residents this opportunity,” Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman said. “We are part of a partnership that has led to the largest continuous wireless network in the country. This is cutting-edge technology that is important to not only residents, but to the business community as well.”

David Wallace

David Wallace

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