Can giant corporations not only admit they are wrong but act quickly to make the wrong right? Yes they can. The National Pork Board has done just that, issuing a letter of apology to Jennifer Laycock over a big misunderstanding.

If you recall last week an attorney representing The National Pork Board had sent Jennifer Laycock a C&D order over an alleged trademark dispute. They had claimed that a shirt Jennifer sells to help raise money for the non-profit milk banks was violating their trademark “the other white meat.” Her shirt read “The Other White Milk.”

After she wrote about the experience on her blog, the blogosphere as well as several forums followed suit. I believe she was even interviewed by the local media. As a result, The National Pork Board made the decision that they did not want anyone to feel they were unsupportive of nursing mothers.

Therefore they have issued a letter of apology over the entire incident and have agreed to take up a volunteer contribution among their staff for the Mother’s Milk Bank of Ohio. Kudos to The National Pork Board for doing the right thing.

So what about the original shirt? Jennifer has agreed not to sell it but has received the board’s thumbs up for a slightly modified version which I think is much better than the prior one anyway.

Just as Jennifer ask bloggers to spread the news over the original incident, she is now asking that we report on National Pork’s positive resolution. So spread the word – a large corporation has done what is right.

David Wallace

David Wallace

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