A new site has been launched by the National Coalition of Victims in Action called “Family Watchdog.” The site uses a local map search function powered by Google which then displays sex offenders in specific geographical areas. One can search by address, city, state and zip code.

Sex offenders show up as colored dots on the map and are categorized by what offense they have actually committed whether that be an offense against a child, rape, sexual batter or some other kind of sexual offense. It also shows where they live and/or where they work. Click on a dot and the profile of the offender pops up, displaying information such as their address, what offense(s) they were convicted of and of course their mug shot.

The local search service is free and currently contains the sex offender registries of 44 states. Created by Family Watchdog founder Steve Roddel of Indiana, he provides the following statement as to why the site was created in the first place:

“This service exists for one reason, and one reason only, I was tired of reading stories about missing 9 and 10-year-old children killed by registered sex offenders and decided to do something about it. I pray for the day when our service is no longer necessary, and look forward to shutting it down. Until then, I hope Family Watchdog is every family’s best friend.”

Family Watchdog also offers a email notification service which alerts members whenever a convicted sexual predator moves into their area. There is a free option as well as a paid option with additional features if you would like to help support their efforts.

This is just another way that the technology of the Internet is making it easier for law abiding citizens to fight crime and protect the innocent. Kudos to NCVIA for their efforts!

David Wallace

David Wallace

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