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Not All Content Is Created Equal

Content MarketingWhile having good content has always been beneficial in your outreach and education to existing and potential clients, it has now become more important with regards to your SEO strategy.

Because search engines such as Google reward fresh as well as quality content, companies can no longer just “rest on their laurels” and allow their sites to become boring and static.

To be successful, it is vital that businesses publish great content on a consistent basis, which in turn will help establish the authority and credibility of your brand in the eyes of not only search engines, but your customers as well.

What We Can Do For You

Content that is marketable can include well-written articles or blog posts, interviews with industry experts, white papers or studies, webinars, contests and giveaways, videos, infographics, motion graphics and even video infographics.

We can help you with all phases of content development and promotion including original ideas for content, the actual development process and marketing as well. Our standard process is listed below.

The Idea

Our creative team will work with you to come up with interesting and innovative ideas that can not only be relative to current news and trends happening in the world around us but also which tie back to your business model, products and/or service offerings.

Research & Data

Once an idea is established, we can work with any research and/or data you provide as well as conduct our own to put together solid information to be used in whatever content piece we are developing.

Content Development

With idea and research/data in hand, our writers and/or designers will develop the content piece, whether that be a written work or something more visual such as an infographic or video. Once complete, the content is delivered to you in preparation for publishing on your site.

Content Promotion

Once the content piece is published, we will work on your behalf to promote the content via social media, press releases and even community outreach. This strategy provides the greatest potential to acquire multiple inbound links, send tons of visitors to your site, and generate a large quantity of social signals.

Follow-Up Reporting

Two to three weeks following the initial promotion of content, we will create a report showing social media shares acquired to date as well as any new inbound links that have been obtained. Additionally, we will evaluate the overall effect of the content or in other words, analyze how visitors engaged with your content.

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What Clients Are Saying

SearchRank has been instrumental in keeping us in the forefront. Our website popularity and search engine rankings have improved significantly since we retained SearchRank. As a premier on-line directory targeting the business traveler, services provided by SearchRank are important to the ongoing success of our organization.

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