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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Defined

Social Media Marketing Services Phoenix AZWhat is “social media” or “social networking” in relation to the Internet? It is essentially any site that has functionality where a user can socialize and interact with others. The ability to network online with individuals, join special groups of interest, comment on specific content, products or services, and upload or generate your own content are just a few of the characteristics of social media and networking sites.

Some of the most popular sites include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. However, it does not stop there as the list of social media sites is nearly endless with new ones coming on board all the time.

In similar fashion to search, social media and networking sites offer companies both large and small new ways to attract business as well as interact with existing customers. There are opportunities to build your brand, attract and convert new customers, network with other businesses in your niche, interact with the public at large and even help manage your company’s online reputation.

What We Can Do For You

Whether you need full management or some simple “hands-holding,” we can help you determine which social media sites will most benefit your type of business and define the specific goals you want to obtain from a social media marketing effort.

The benefits that are derived from a social media marketing campaign will depend largely on the industry you are in as well as the specific marketing goals that are laid out. We will work closely with you to develop the very best strategy for taking advantage of all that social media and networking sites can offer.

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What Clients Are Saying

Our relationship with SearchRank has been a great asset as we’ve worked to grow our site. Their attention to detail and approach to helping us achieve our goals has produced fantastic results. For our site, we are interested in more than just traffic. We want visitors who become subscribers and members. With SearchRank’s help, our newsletter and RSS subscriber numbers have grown steadily. We are currently showing over 40,000 pages indexed by the major search engines. And our forum membership now exceeds 13,000 registered members.

Knowing SearchRank is keeping watch over our search engine optimization allows me to focus my attention on our members where it belongs. I highly recommend SearchRank for anyone looking for a search marketing firm.

Robert Clough

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